wavy circle mind palace

by minyinglijess

Visual Identity Redesign for ZHI Museum

CSM London / UK

ZHI museum VI Redesign is a CSM Unit_3 project I have done in the platform Strategy & Identity during GCD Year_1. This is a later version I made for the brief: ‘Redesign the VI for a museum’ after the end of that platform.
**Not been used as the ZHI museum VI system.

ZHI Museum is located in Laojun Mt., Szechuan, China. Laojun Mt. is a very natural place, also the starting place of Taoism, also the reason for the location of ZHI museum. The core of ZHI is to keep passing the knowledge to every single person, it is one of the main thought of Taoists.

🐝©️wavy circle mind palace by jessli (2020)